Ken and Muriel are  professional artists and have been painting for many years.


Ken's background is Architecture, Industrial Design and Art.


Ken studied Architecture at John Moores University Liverpool/Sheffield University and Art at Liverpool College of Art.


Capturing atmosphere is the main endeavour of his works executed in oils,acrylic and watercolour in impressionist and abstract applications showing influences of Turner, Monet, Rodin, da Vinci, Piranesi and Sir William Russell Flint.


Landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, buildings, structures and construction sites are main themes in impressionist and abstract forms and are immediately identifiable as paintings

We believe painting is a creative process of the mind as is music,and the emotive effects and creativity of classical/jazz musicians influence our way of thinking and capturing mood and atmosphere.

Impressions of Auckland Waterfront - this paintings consists of 5 separate canvases - 4.5 metres long

Muriel studied at Liverpool College of Art,  and has been painting for many years as a professional artist and paints mainly in acrylic.

She is influenced by the French Impressionists such as Monet, Pissaro and Sisley. Enjoys painting atmospheric landscapes, and seascapes. 

Painting is a creative process of the mind and ones feelings and memories of the scene you are trying to capture to create mood and atmosphere.